Nanjiba Recommends

This month Nanjiba Recommends:  My Wattpad Love by Ariana Godoy

For those of you may not know, Wattpad is a free website that allows users to create and read stories made by fellow writers. To date, 40 million people have joined this online community, and the site has a lot of contests, such as the Watty Awards that allow writers to get their work noticed, get feedback from others, and grow as a writer. Also there are lots of different story genres on the website including: Teen Fiction, Fanfiction, Romance, Science fiction, Action, Adventure, Chicklit, fantasy, Horror, Humour, fiction, non-fiction, short-stories, classics Mystery/Thriller and poetry.

In this month’s recommendation I thought I would ease you into the world of Wattpad and recommend one of the first stories I read on the website. The piece is a long 33 chapters, but in my opinion a very enjoyable read. So today I’ll be talking about My Wattpad Love by the user Ariana Godoy. To me this is a story that will entertain you to the point that you’ll be hooked just from the first chapter. If you don’t want to take my word for it, the story currently has 41.8 MILLION reads! A reading count that big must perk your curiosity? No, well then I’ll explain the story to you so maybe, just maybe, you’ll change your mind.

The story:

Firstly, judging by the title, I’m guessing you the readers already know the plot of this online book. Yes, exactly a girl and a boy meet on Wattpad and fall in love. Simple. I suppose you’re thinking Nanjiba it’s in the title do you really need to talk about the story? To that I say, Yes, yes I do. What’s important about the story isn’t the rather obvious plot, but the way our author wrote it. A story idea is only as good as the writer behind it, so it needs to be written well (that’s my opinion anyway). Alright so, yes it’s a love story, but to me it’s a love story and a comedy all wrapped up into a marvellous book. Our main character is called Jules, she’s the narrator who open up our eyes into her normal life of getting through high school, hanging out with her crazy friends, putting up with your mother’s friend’s annoying son, reading and writing on Wattpad, oh and getting not so nice comments from a reader, who gives you the nickname “strawberry” and secretly finding that attractive.

Ok so her life is probably more exciting than you expect, so I suppose you’re wondering where’s the comedy I mentioned. Well, the comedy is in the character Jules herself, both she and the situations she finds herself in thanks to those around her are a real treat, trust me on that. Did I mention, she’s got an abnormal obsession with crisps called Ruffles, and is a hilariously terrible liar (at one point when thinking of an excuse for why she hadn’t picked up the phone, she tells her mother she was busy peeing, a lot of peeing). Aside from all this love and laughter, there are also some heartfelt moments, especially when it comes to Evan’s dark past (Jule’s boyfriend and Wattpad Love). Oh and not to mention some cute moments between the couple to be.

What I like about this book is how the author has created such a brilliant character and, by adding unique moments, has taken the story out of the realm of what could be seen as cliché. This story is full of friendship, love, laughter, and a little sadness. Overall, even if My Wattpad Love isn’t your cup of tea, at least give Wattpad a go, there’ll be one story written by a budding author, that you might actually enjoy.


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