Hangouts: Where The Pancakes Are

By Nanjiba Misbah

Hello everyone,

This is our new series where we suggest some fun places in London for students to eat, drink or just have fun at with friends. To start with, as the title implies, I’m going to introduce a pancake place, perfect for a weekend brunch meet-up with a friend.

According to their website, Where The Pancakes Are is a not-so-traditional pancake house that serves “good honest sweet & savoury food and beautiful craft ciders, as well as dishes to share of blinis and prosecco”. They say pancakes are both an ideal meal and snack for breakfast, lunch, dinner, after work, after the gym or a gig. In other words, any time, any place. This small restaurant is situated in Arch 35a 85a Southwark Bridge Road London SE1 0NQ. In terms of travelling there from the university you can take the Overground to Canada Water Station, then the Jubilee line westbound to London Bridge station. From there it’s just an 8-minute walk (according to Google Maps). Another option is taking the 21 bus from Marquis of Granby Goldsmiths (stop x) to Union Street Borough (stop G), where it’s just a 4-minute walk (again this is all according to Google Maps). For more information on the place, such as the opening hours, visit their website:

The menu itself has quite a few options, including savoury, sweet, dutch babies (oven baked), breakfast, bar drinks and hot and cold drink options. The savoury pancake dishes (£9.50-£11) include American style, Welsh rarebit pancakes, a 100 baby greens, royal or benedict and there is also a breakfast (£11) and vegetarian breakfast (£12) option. The sweet dishes include a simple pancake for £5.50, the classic butter and maple syrup, lemon and sugar or hazelnut chocolate (which is also part of the children’s menu for £4.50). The other options for sweet lovers are banana chocolate, berries and hummingbird options (priced £7.50, £8 and £9 respectively). As for the “Dutch babies” they consist of a sweet and savoury oven baked pancakes and a Dutch omelette (£9 for sweet and the omelette, £11 for savoury). For any of our vegan readers, the items I just mentioned can be made into their vegan options. I think you just need to ask before you order; but as of January 2017 there’s also a healthy savoury vegan pancake dish. You can also get some extra side items along with the pancakes themselves (£1.50, £2, £3 depending on what you get), savoury or sweet there’s a bit of everything. As for the drinks, there are ciders, beers, cocktails, wine, fresh juices, fizzy drinks and a selection of tea and coffee beverages all of which are reasonably priced. As for my meal, since I have a sweet tooth I had a hard time choosing between my options, they all sounded delicious. In the end I chose the “healthy” (my version of healthy is no chocolate) option and chose berries with maple syrup on top. I liked the combination of different berries, syrup, meringue, cream and toasted almond flakes. I recommend this dish for anyone who likes their pancakes simply sweet with fruit. My friend tried the American style, pancakes with maple syrup, blue berries and bacon on top. If you like bacon and want to try it the American way this is the one for you, I hear it’s a good one. I think next time I’ll try some pancakes with a few extra side dishes too. For more information on the ingredients and drink prices download the menu from the link above.

What I also liked about this little restaurant is that although it’s small and from what I could see the tables are made for two, it’s decorated in a way in which you can tell that a lot of thought and creativity went into designing the place. Take for instance a wall behind some booth seats that’s covered in a textual material that makes it look like layers of a roof, framed pictures, a board with specials, a large windowed entrance with what I think are fake leaves around the top and the hung yellow lights. All in all, Where The Pancakes Are is a place you should definitely try in London, it has its own charm and fantastic food.



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