Dani’s Dilemma #5: Why Failing My A-Levels was the Best Thing that Happened to Me

Why failing my A-levels was the best thing that happened to me:

The 18th of August is a day I will never forget. I woke up expecting to go to my insurance choice, Manchester. I had given up hope about going to LSE, but was certain that I was not going to go through clearing.

Being told by my brother that I was without a university, I laughed. I genuinely thought he was joking until I saw my clearing number on the screen. I felt like such a failure; I dedicated my whole life to attending a Russell group university and was left with nothing but rejection emails. To me, failure was something that I was yet to experience. Before this, the closest I came to experiencing failure was when I got a B for GCSE Geography. It may not seem like a bad grade, but the look of it on a paper filled with A’s and A*’s was too much for me to take at the time.

I spent the rest of the day crying after constantly being rejected from every university I called. I had given up hope of going to university and just wanted to redo my 2 years of A-levels again. Receiving a call from Goldsmiths saved me. I was given a chance; a chance that no other university would give me. They not only gave me a chance, they helped me to find myself. After constantly doing everything to please others, I realised that maybe this was a blessing rather than a curse. I finally realised what I wanted to do with my life. Putting together my loves of travel and public speaking, I decided I would strive to become a broadcast journalist.

I have always dodged the subject of what I want to do in the future because I have always been afraid of failure. I guess I tried to live out my dad’s dream of being a stockbroker so I would have someone else to blame if things went wrong. I realise that I was being stupid; failure is inevitable and is needed to allow us to become stronger and more determined. Since experiencing failure, I have never been happier. I will no longer let failure frighten me, but I will embrace it gladly as it has helped me to find myself again.

We need to all remember that whilst things may seem devastating in the moment, they may be the greatest thing we will ever experience.


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