Where Are They Now? – Stefania Pileri

1) What did you study and when did you graduate?

After earning my degree in Psychology in Italy I did a MSc in Music, Mind and Brain at Goldsmiths in 2012.

2) What did you do as a CEN8 volunteer?

I helped the children and the staff when needed, without having a specific role. I played the guitar with some of the children, I set up the music instruments, I supervised the children during lunchtime. I supported them in a variety of activities and last, but not least, I had the great opportunity to improve my photography skills.

3) What have you been up to since leaving Goldsmiths?

Since I left Goldsmiths I’ve been working in primary schools, supporting mainly children with special needs. At the same time I enrolled myself in a Mindfulness teaching course following a long time passion and interest. Travelling has also played a big part of my life and contributed to shaping who I am today. After my MSc I visited quite a few places, driven by the curiosity to get in touch with new realities different from my own.

4) What was the most useful thing you learnt by being a volunteer/student?

It has been a great pleasure volunteering with such inspiring people like Gill and Ken, committed towards creating a better future for children through the arts. I learnt that even the smallest task can make a real difference in other people’s lives as art puts you in touch with the core being of yourself. This rewarding experience has contributed to boosting my self-esteem and developing a more positive attitude towards myself and the people around me.

5) Advice for any student currently at University?

Being a student is a great opportunity in your life, so don’t waste it! Make the most of it by studying (of course!) but also being part of the environment like the Goldsmiths one, which is incredibly stimulating and enriching.

6) What you’re hoping to do in the future?

I am hoping to keep up my never-ending student attitude, to bring and share what I’ve learnt during my educational years, and to be an example and an inspiration for people around me, especially children.


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