Hangouts: Read about Katsute100

By Nanjiba Misbah

In this issue of our ‘Hangouts’ series we’ll be discussing Katsute100 – a Japanese sake, whisky, tea, cakes, antique and modern tableware café. The place in question is located on 100 Islington High Street, near Angel, London N1 8EG. In addition to providing information on the commute for our fellow students, we’ll also be interviewing one of our CEN8 members to find out more about Katsute100 itself.

Goldsmiths students coming from New Cross can easily reach the location by bus or tube. For everyone else, the nearest station is Angel, on the Northern line – only a 4 minute walk from the café itself!

Now that we’ve understood how to travel to Katsute100, have a look at our interview below to find out everything else you need to know:

How did you find out about Katsute100? 

Laila: One day I was planning to go to an Art exhibition in Angel and just a few minutes from Angel station, I saw a really attractive café. The design is wooden, cool and very rare in London. The place is quite small but cosy at the same time because of the design. The staffs are really friendly, they are Japanese.

What are the prices like for food and drinks? and how do they taste? 

Laila: I think everything is quite expensive in London, just for me. The food in Katsute100 is around £6-7, a slice of cake is around £4 and a drink £2. So, altogether an average of £6-8 per person. I think it’s worth it because you won’t see many traditional Japanese snacks or drinks in London and I think we’ve found the right place (laughs). I’m not from Japan but I like Japanese culture so I think it’s a good way to appreciate Japanese food in a different country. I’m from Hong Kong, so I tend to try more Asian food when I’m back home. I always try different Asian cuisines, as it feels more comfortable for me. Katsute100 also sell some ceramics and some traditional pottery and plates, so it’s all displayed in the cabinet near to the entrance. Every time you come in you can look for the potteries, and maybe buy them. It’s been months since I last visited there but I remember ordering a matcha drink. A slice of cake and a drink is highly recommended! There’s another tea called “hojicha”, which is also very popular in Japanese tea culture. I haven’t tried the hojicha option yet, but I’m sure it will taste amazing!!

Lastly, why would you recommend it?

Laila: Well I think in Goldsmiths there are quite a lot of Asian students and I think they are all longing for Asian foods. I think this is a good place for them to just chat, and also for maybe non-Asian students it’s a good opportunity to try some new food. I think London is a really multicultural city, so everyone should try different foods from different places. Totally worth a visit.

Here we see that you can feel cosy in this cafe because the atmosphere and interior design of brown wooden structures, textures and furniture make it a comfortable domestic setting. Also the staff themselves add authenticity, as they are Japanese themselves.. Below is an example of what we mean by a cosy environment for you to enjoy:

Katsute100 setting

Some of the Japanese treats you’ll find is Sakura (cherry blossom) Mochi, Kushi (Skewer) Dango, Mizuyokan and Ichigo (Strawberry) Daifuku. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made out of a short-grained glutinous rice (mochigome), that is pounded into paste and moulded into the desired shape. Dango is a Japanese dumpling and sweet made from rice flour (mochiko). Mizuyokan is a traditional Japanese jelly dessert made of red azuka bean paste. Daifuku is a small round mochi dish stuffed with a sweet filling. They also have quite a selection of cakes like a Matcha cheesecake and crepe cake, Hojicha (tea) Mousse Cake, Sweet Potato cake and Matcha strawberry shortcake. Matcha means powdered green tea leaves that can be used to make tea or for flavouring, you’ll find quite a few matcha flavoured desserts at Katsute100. As for drinks, their tea includes: Sakura tea, Karigane cha (twig green tea), and cold brewed tea such as Biwa Cha (herbal tea made for Loquat tree), there are also some other drinks perfect for the summer weather. Below are some examples from their Instagram:

Katsute100 sakura mochi.PNG

Katsute100 Kushi Dango.PNG

Katsute100  Mizuyokan.PNG

Katsute100 Ichigo

Katsute100 matcha cheesecake

Katsute100 sweet potato cake

Katsute100 mousse cake.PNG

Katsute100 matcha strawberry shortcake.PNG

Katsute100 sakura tea

Katsute100 Karigane cha.PNG

Katsute100 Biwa cha.PNG

If you want to find out more check out their Instagram (@Katsute100).

So does this sound like your sort of hangout? Are you in the mood for something different? Then why not check out Katsute100 for some Japanese food and fun.


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