Where Are They Now – Emily Keens

What did you study and when did you graduate?

I studied MA Promotional Media: Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations. I graduated in 2017.

What did you do as a CEN8 volunteer?

I volunteered as a Social Media Coordinator at CEN8. As part of this, I created social media plans, managed the Twitter account and conducted monthly reports to analyse what content was working across CEN8s social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and advise on an appropriate strategy for the next month.

What was the most useful thing you learnt by being a volunteer?

The most useful thing I learnt whilst being a volunteer was time management. I had to manage my time effectively to ensure I completed my university work on time and to a high standard, supported CEN8 to the best of my ability, as well as maintaining a social life and doing household chores! This skill has been immensely useful during my job and is something that would give any graduate a head start when applying for jobs.

What was the best thing about volunteering?

The best thing about volunteering was making connections and meeting a lot of lovely people. I moved to London and found the experience overwhelming at first as I did not know anyone. However, Gill and the team welcomed me to the CEN8 family and made me feel at home. I also gained some valuable work experience as a bonus!

What have you been up to since leaving Goldsmiths?

Since leaving Goldsmiths, I worked at Ashridge Executive Education utilising my skills in proofreading and communication as a Sales Enablement Executive. I have recently started a new role at the University of Hertfordshire (where I did my undergraduate degree) as a Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator for the School of Health and Social Work. It feels really nice to give back to my old university.

Has/how volunteering for CEN8 impacted on you since you left?

CEN8 has impacted me greatly since leaving Goldsmiths in terms of my career and professional experience. Volunteering looks really good on my CV and is an interesting topic to discuss with prospective employers during interviews. Similarly, it is really beneficial to have tangible evidence of your work and skills. For example, I could show my interviewer CEN8’s social media feeds and my social media planners as evidence. As a part of my current role I utilise a range of skills that I developed during my time at CEN8 including social media, organisation, commercial awareness, team working and project planning and execution. Having this experience has made me more confident.

What career advice would you students currently at university?

I would advise current students to take every opportunity given to you. During university it can be easy to get distracted by work and going out to parties, however, the job market is so tough for graduates at the moment you need to start looking for work experience early – even if it is just a few hours a week.


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