Articles We’re Loving | June ’18

Look at all the glorious sunshine! It’s amazing isn’t it? Do you know what it’s great for? Reading! So what are you waiting for? Check them out!

In ‘Building Other Worlds With Photoshop‘ Alyssa Coppelman explores how Jacob Watts tells an elaborate, mysterious story where the vintage and the futuristic intersect in his photo-series.

“There are 40 images in the “Building a Universe” series. The characters in the hazmat suits are actually self-portraits Watts shot in the studio. He took about 100 shots of himself in various positions, matching the lighting as closely as possible each time, and using Adobe Photoshop CC, he composited the results into groups of Hazmat-suited people interacting with each other and their surroundings.”

Read the full article here


In ‘The secret to confidence? Ridiculously tiny and basic changes‘ Viv Groskop finds herself celebrating her own talents and stepping into action.

“There are lots of useful messages in Cara Alwill Leyba’s new book, Like She Owns The Place: Unlock The Secret Of Lasting Confidence, but perhaps the most challenging one is the question the author finds herself asking whenever her husband tries to do something nice for her and she ends up getting all antsy and annoyed about it: “Why can’t I just enjoy myself?” This is a question I have spent 40 years asking myself. At least I’ve realised that it’s happening. But it is bloody annoying.”

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In ‘It Was an Ad? So What. It’s Still Art.‘ Vanessa Friedman explores how photography used for commercial purposes should still be considered art. Beautiful, eye catching and absolutely worthy of your attention.

“It is a reminder that despite the growing prominence of both photography and fashion in the cultural conversation, when it comes to the hallowed halls of a museum, there’s still a palpable tension around both disciplines, and the question of whether or not they belong. “Photography had to fight to get taken seriously, and fashion photography had to fight even harder,” said Nick Knight, the contemporary photographer and founder of the fashion film website SHOWStudio, who has three works at the Getty.”

Read the full article


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