Let’s Talk About… What a Year it’s Been.

By Danielle Desouza

What a year 2018 has been

Going into 2018, I had huge hopes. I hoped I would get a first in my second year overall, I hoped I would raise my funds to climb Kilimanjaro and above all, I hoped I would somehow manage to get the History society to take off. I am happy to say that I managed to reach my fundraising target and the History society was a lot more successful this year. I have yet to find out my results. They say good luck comes in threes, so I am quietly optimistic.

People often ask me why I do so many activities at university. How do I manage? It is for all of the people who have told me I am not smart, sporty or talented enough. Maybe I will never be seen as smart, sporty or talented enough, but I am enough for me. No one can define what we can or cannot do. It is up to us. If you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be a singer, sing. You will never know what you are capable of until you try.

2018 is not over yet, but this column is. What happens next? I will try to keep everyone updated on my life. Until then, thank you for your support throughout this reflective journey. It sounds like I am no longer writing, but I assure you I will never stop. It is the end of articles I write about myself. Admit it, you have all probably had enough of hearing about me. I hope you have gained a sense of who I am from my articles. Being so private and sharing details about my life has been a challenge, but one I am grateful I took. I feel that in order to be a good journalist, you have to be honest. Not just with what you present, but also with yourself. We all have worries and pretending they are not there is not the solution. What will that actually achieve?

You need to love and breathe journalism to enter the field. Yes, I do mean love and breathe and not live and breathe. On a serious note, I genuinely love writing. I could not be as happy doing anything else. I have learnt a lot about myself from writing over my two years at Goldsmiths.

As I enter third year in September, I will enter a new phase of journalism. I will focus on broadcast journalism. This is ultimately the field of journalism I want to enter. This is a big step up from “Dani’s Dilemmas” and “Let’s Talk About” as I now have to interview actual subjects, instead of babbling about myself. Please continue to stick with me on this journey. Hopefully it will end successfully. Maybe it will not even start. Who knows?

It has been an absolute pleasure writing for you. I won’t stop letting my voice be heard, and I hope you don’t either.


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