CEN8 CIC is a non profit organisation based at Goldsmiths, University of London, that delivers creative projects to children and young people and runs a volunteer programme for Goldsmiths’ students, CEN8Gold.

At CEN8Gold, Goldsmiths’ students give their time and skills to make sure all CEN8 activities run as smoothly as possible whilst getting great work experience to go on their CVs.


In 2016 we worked with a staggering 86 students from 19 departments studying on 39 courses! Of these, 22 worked with the children exclusively, 54 worked behind the scenes, whilst 10 took part in  both set of activities.

Our volunteers take part in a variety of activities:

  • Supporting Creative Workshops
  • Supports our Admin/Management teams
  • Writing and Curating content for our Newsletters and Blogs
  • Managing our Social Media
  • Producing Marting Materials
  • Fundraising
  • Content Creation


The Awards.

CEN8Gold is a verifier of HEAR and GoldAward.


The HEAR is a new type of transcript. Not only is it a single record of all of your academic results, it also provides an opportunity to gain recognition for the additional co-curricular activities you do alongside your studies.

13 of our volunteers got their HEAR Award through CEN8 activities in 2016!

Looking at the Storyboard2

Read about what you could do at HEAR HERE

The Gold Award:

The Gold Award is a one-year personal and professional development programme that helps you to reflect on your experiences and develop the skills you are gaining from your co-curricular activities. Its focus is on lifelong skills development.


13 of our Volunteers got their Gold Award through CEN8 activities in 2016!



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