Bake Sale Poster Designs

Our amazing Design Team have been hard at work designing posters for our up coming Bake sale on 28 November to raise funds for our children’s Art Club.  They are just too good not to share with you – let us know your favourite!   Thanks to Zying Li, Kar Lam Ng, Yixin Sun and…

Volunteer of the Month: Hazel

Hazel Meades has been a massive help since she started with CEN8 several weeks ago–writing articles, mixing music and anywhere else she could offer assistance. She’s already reached her first HEAR goal by working over 36 hours. We’re excited to see where Hazel takes us with her creative contributions!

The Shining: Book vs Film a Review by Hazel Meades

Tis’ the season of damp pumpkins. The days are getting darker and leaves are starting to fall. As Halloween approaches what better time is there to look over this 1980s classic? Stanley Kubrick’s iconic horror film has seeped into modern culture to the point of parody (e.g: that Simpsons Halloween episode). The pop-cultural osmosis is…

Volunteer of the Month: Jungeun

Jungeun Lee, BA Media and Communications student, tells us via this amazing animation all about her volunteering at CEN8.