Shrekspectations: From Fairytale to Film by Hazel Meades

Shrek is an unmistakable joy for adults and children alike, but just how similar is the 2001 film to the 1990 book that it’s based on?

New Girl in the City – The Final Chapter

By Promita Guha Here’s the final update on the New Girl’s experience of London after she arrived from West Bengal to study for her Master’s at Goldsmiths. In the first article of the series, we learned about the New Girl’s initial impression of London, before we then saw her grow closer to her flatmates in the second instalment, and enter…

The Book Club – Hot Milk by Deborah Levy

Review by Helena Barrell In her sixth novel, Hot Milk, Deborah Levy manages to capture the most mundane of everyday events and transform them into eye-catching analogies and symbols through her strange and beautiful prose. The novel begins when the narrator, 25-year-old Sophia Papastergiadis, drops her laptop on the concrete floor of a beach bar….

Let’s Talk About… Being Single, But Not Alone

In this month’s ‘Let’s Talk About’, Dani discusses the societal pressures around being part of a couple, and why there is a stigma surrounding being single. With Valentine’s Day still being fresh in people’s minds, what better topic to discuss than love? On Valentine’s Day, being single can feel like the worst thing imaginable. However,…