Great Day at Goldsmiths’ Volunteer Fair

After a brilliant day at the Volunteer Fair, we’re looking forward to working with some super talented and creative Goldsmiths students this year!

CEN8’s Success at Welcome Week

What a fantastic start to the new academic year! CEN8 registered 170 potential new volunteers at this year’s Welcome Week. We look forward to working with them all.

The Book Club: History of Wolves by Emily Fridlund

Review by Helena Barrell History of Wolves is an unusual coming-of-age novel, partly due to its teenage narrator Linda, who has been brought up by her parents on an abandoned hippie commune in the backwoods of northern Minnesota. Linda is an outsider at school, where she is commonly referred to as a ‘Commie’ or ‘Freak’….

Articles We’re Loving | June ’18

Look at all the glorious sunshine! It’s amazing isn’t it? Do you know what it’s great for? Reading! So what are you waiting for? Check them out! In ‘Building Other Worlds With Photoshop‘ Alyssa Coppelman explores how Jacob Watts tells an elaborate, mysterious story where the vintage and the futuristic intersect in his photo-series. “There are 40…

Exhibitions We’re Excited About | June ’18

We hope you’re enjoying that glorious sunshine and making the most of these extra long days! Another month is here and we’ve rounded up the best exhibitions to see, before popping out again and taking in that sun!   The Cass Schools Degree Show [22 Jun 2018 – 5 Jul 2018] “This year’s free exhibition…