Good Vibes from Good Omens by Hazel Meades

Good Omens, the novel-turned-TV-show 30 years after the book’s initial publication, is all the rage at the moment. How on earth did Neil Gaiman manage to translate a novel which involves heaven and hell, Atlantis, and witches into the Amazon Prime masterpiece that excites so many fans today?

The Umbrella Academy: TV Show or Comic?

This month Hazel explores the wackily dysfunctional world of Umbrella Academy. How does the first comic volume compare to season 1 of the Netflix original?

Preacher: Comics vs TV by Hazel Meades

With season 4 of Preacher set to be its last, it’s time to explore how well the violently wacky TV show holds up to its comic book source material.

Ye American Gods by Hazel Meades

Philosophical rambling and the tragedy of being not-quite-dead are both phrases that could be used to describe Neil Gaiman’s bizarre fantasy novel American Gods. How well does the TV show match up?