Volunteer of the Month – November 2016!

Thomas came to us during Welcome Week. Waiting to make an appointment with careers, he started to chat to Gill and found that his skills in policies and law were just the thing we were looking for! Find out exactly what he does here at CEN8! CEN8Gold volunteer Thomas talks us through his role as…

Volunteer of the Month – May 2016!

The marvellous Ellie talks about her experience of being a volunteer for CEN8 both as an arts facilitator with CEN8’s junior arts club and as the Ellie Asks… column writer for CEN8Times.

Student Volunteer of the Month – Mariana

Mariana Marques is CEN8’s student volunteer for February – thank you for all you do for us, Mariana! Mariana, a third year BA Media and Sociology Goldsmiths student, has been volunteering for CEN8 since October 2015 and is a valuable member of our Management & Marketing Team. ¬†She tells us about her experiences and how…

Volunteer of the Month – January 2016!

Every month we are going to introduce you to our Student Volunteer of the month. This time, it is Hazel’s turn to talk about what she has been up to at CEN8 recently, and specifically her arts workshops and Winter Fundraising!