The Magic of Stardust by Hazel Meades

Neil Gaiman’s work has been produced and adapted into so many forms that Hazel couldn’t help but return to his work for her final CEN8 adaptation article.

The Expanse: Book vs TV a Review by Hazel Meades

The Expanse series explores the bloody conspiracies of 23rd century space, but how well does the vast universe of a space opera translate to screen?

Celebrating our student volunteer Gold Award achievers

This year 16 of our student volunteers completed Goldsmiths’ prestigious Gold Award – congratulations and well done to them all!¬† Here’s a little slideshow of just some of them at yesterday’s event! Thank you to Kuan-Yuan Chu (himself one of our Gold Award achievers) for putting this slideshow together and, as ever, Hazel for the…

Student Volunteer of the Month: Laila

Photography and Social Media volunteer Laila talks us through her experiences of being a CEN8 Volunteer!! Thank you so much to CEN8Gold volunteer George Hepworth for editing this video!

The Umbrella Academy: TV Show or Comic?

This month Hazel explores the wackily dysfunctional world of Umbrella Academy. How does the first comic volume compare to season 1 of the Netflix original?